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June 2020- Present

"Velma" - Director
"Little Ellen" - Director

January 2020 - May 2020


"Adventure Time: Distant Lands" - Storyboard Revisionist

Episodic director for WB's new show "Little Ellen". Worked directly with storyboard artists to supervise the process from thumbnail stage through clean pitch. Attended meetings beginning from complexity reads and design through delivery of final animatic. Implemented notes as well as delegating revisions to revisionists. Ran pitch meetings and worked directly with the editor to cut an animatic.

Worked directly with the storyboard supervisor to implement revisions. Attended pitch meetings. Assisted with clean-up, punch-up and implementing notes from the director.

May 2019 - October 2019


"Close Enough" - Storyboard Artist

Created storyboards for 5 episodes of "Close Enough", a primetime adult animated comedy. Attended meetings and pitched storyboards. Applied revisions as needed. 

May 2017 - April 2019


"Disney Jr. Nursery Rhymes" - Storyboard Artist & Animation Revisionist

Created storyboards for many episodes. Worked both offsite and on location in house. Collaborated directly with the director to problem-solve, apply revisions, and meet deadlines. Provided revisions to animation as it came back from overseas. 

May 2017 - Feb 2018

Provided key poses and breakdowns for animation in Adobe Animate. Applied revisions and punch-up to animation as it came back from overseas studio. 

DHX Media

"My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" - Key Layout Artist & Animation Revisionist

Sept 2015 - Dec 2016


Animator, Storyboard Artist &


Created storyboards, character designs, BG designs, and animation for various projects for clients.

June 2013 - July 2015

Freelanced off-site to create animation and storyboards for projects like the Red Sox "Wally the Green Monster" special and "Fizzy's Lunch Lab". 


Animator & Storyboard Artist

Feb 2011 - Jan 2015

Provided animation for shows such as "WordGirl", "SciGirls", "Astroblast" and Sesame Street shorts. Created storyboards for 2 seasons of "WordGirl". Worked on site collaborating with a team. Worked directly with the storyboard supervisor to delegate tasks to other artists and implement notes.


Animator & Storyboard Artist

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